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GF, you were so right about this bag. I tried to catch my Buster Brown man but my DH headed him off as he was leaving. Had I caught him, I would have just refused the package.

I knew as soon as I picked up the box that this was going to to back. This bag should have been in the luggage section. This bag was "HUGE", The leather was really nice and thick, but I believe that added to the weight. The bag weighed in at a whopping 4.6 pounds and that was EMPTY. I put my loaded pursefection in and then it was 6.5 pounds. I did like the orange color and it was definitely orange. I guess that before I order another bag that is questionable as far as size, I will wait for the reviews here in the forum.

Thanks for your review because I would have been so very disappointed after waiting for over a week for this bag to get here. I don't think that the leather even had time to warm up before she was repackaged and on her way back to the post office. This one went back as did the black "as is" croco that had a big scratch across the front. I have 3 more on their way to me. I hope that I get to keep at least 1 of them.