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I really like Vionic sandals, does HSN offer a brand that is similar in design/comfort?


Thank you so much!!

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HSN has Birkenstock which IMO are more comfy than Vionic. I have at least 4 pair Vionic & couple pair of Alegria that make my lower back hurt.

I'm sticking to Birkenstock. 

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Re: Options at HSN

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Revitalign is over at hsn- some cute styles too!

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They have FitFlop. My SIL has raved about their sandals for years, all she wears.


I haven't bought their sandals, but I've actually bought 4 pairs of their sneakers this year. 3 colors in the same pair, they actually call them ballet flats, but they're really like slip on sneakers.

I also got the high top sneaker.


They are very comfortable.


I am also a HUGE fan of Birkenstock. I am now deciding which pair of sandals I will order this year from the Birkenstock website. It is a VERY hard decision, I like so many!