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Opinions On "As Is" Wallet Please

I went to TJ Maxx to buy an inexpensive wallet to replace my other inexpensive wallet and there was the most beautiful dooney wallet which retails at $185.00. It was marked down to $29.99 and so after diving into the bin after it I saw the tag said "as it."{#emotions_dlg.confused1} I really couldn't see what was wrong with it and had to ask a clerk. After looking a bit we found the top part of the duck that makes it three dimentional on the front was missing. So the duck just looks flat and gold. Otherwise in perfect condition. Prior to its apparent "injury" it had been marked down to $99.99.

I'm kind of excited about my find, but now I'm slightly having second thoughts. You ladies are the experts because I'm kind of new to Dooney (I only have three and no leather yet), so I was just wondering what you would do.