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I've worn Teva sandals for years.  They last so long, the last time I purchased them was back in 2014.  So I decided to buy some new ones.  They have arches and they are sometimes expensive.  The padded sole ones are cheaper at $45.00.  Those that have arches are $80.00 and free shipping and returns.  But I've never had to return them!  They are adjustable.  Teva means Nature in Hebrew. And they are pronounced with a short e.   I think Uggs owns them now.  I wanted a pair of black ones. No fuss. Although they have fantastic colors.  These are sports sandals. Their sandals can men's, women's and all gender.  They can be hiking or sports sandals.  I've never seen them offered on QVC.



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I love Teva flip flops.  Also Fit Flops.  That's all I buy they both give great support.

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They stopped making the walking sandals I love a few years ago. I'm still bummed 

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@songbird     The front straps for me - are too thin on these and the black straps are weirdly thick.


i had of teva Hurricanes that i loved and after a few years they fell apart. the newer Tevas are  too narrow for me.   i still have a pair of walking sandals i got in 2003!!!   i soak them and let them air dry.