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Our niece is getting married New Years Eve in San Antonio and we are spending 5 days there. The rehearsal dinner will have Country dancing so I got me new Western Boots and dress from the Boot Barn.




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@qvcfreak Great dress and boots!

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Oh thank you @Love my grandkids. I also ordered these boots from the Q to wear with my denim dress and jeans. Already shipped, so am excited to receive them.



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What a nifty look you put together. 

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Oh!  I love all of it. I know you're going to look so good!

First I saw the boots and I thought, "She has nice slim feet and slim legs.  Then I checked out the dress and it's pretty.


I have what we in our family called "candles".  They kinda blend together.  I have trouble zipping up boots.


I think people who can wear those boots could wear a bag and look good.


But that's not you.  I know you will look wonderful. 

As we also say,"You done good".  Ha!

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Those boots are made for celebration. You will look fabulous. Enjoy! 

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Nice outfit!  You go girl Smiley Happy

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Very nice choices!


May I ask what the item # is for the brown QVC boots? TIA!

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yeehaw queen

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@qvcfreak   Such a perfect outfit for the occasion!! Have a great time at the wedding. San Antonio is gorgeous. We have family there.