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I just went to look at this bag and it's listed at the regular price with no EP. I'm not on Facebook so I couldnt preorder it. Can someone tell me what the TSV price will be and how many EPs? Or is there any way to order it now before it airs, not that I could make up my mind on which one to buy. I have the Roma 2 in natural ostrich and the cream snake, which is my absolute favorite except I can't get the tassel to stop shredding. I had to remove it and I'm so upset because I think the tassel makes the bag. I need a black bag but I'm loving that light ostrich but am afraid of it getting dirty. Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Can you please tell us what GILI Hobo you are referring to by giving us an item number? Thanks.

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The TSV price was 179, 6 easy pays. It's a nice handbag.

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I'd love more into, too! Perhaps the date when it will air.