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The mules pictures are a definite no for me.  I have a pair of navy blue leather with part of the leather in a weaved form from Clarks.  They are extremely comfortable and love to wear with jeans.  Slip into them and out the door.  I like to stay bare foot in shoes until it gets so cold I have to wear socks.  HeartCat Very Happy

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@GenXmuse wrote:

These are so cute!  I’d wear those for sure.  

Me too @GenXmuse Woman Happy

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Sidsmom, you are not alone!  I wondered why this thread wasn't in "Pet Lovers" the first time I saw it, then realized it could also refer to a style of shoe. 


Re: the shoe, I wore several different colors of Vionics mules my last few years of working, but now I'm retired they are gathering dust, as I wear slippers in the house, and sandals when going out in the summer, or boots if going out in the winter.  If I'm walking my dog I'm in cross-trainers throughout the year.  I no longer need "nice" shoes very often, as I did when I worked five days a week. 

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Cute, but a little too cute for my taste.  I'd actually love them without the bow.  I love the pattern of the fabric!

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Several of you probably recall my husband has had a lot of hospital admissions lately.  However, I had neglected to say that he has had 5 in the months of July and August already to two different insitutions.  While I was gathering information recently from one of the hospitals for an admission to the other, the parking deck elevator went out and I had to walk 10 flights of stairs very hurriedly in order to beat the deadline for information to the surgeon's offce. I blew my knee out at the recipient hospital the following day while caring for my husband.  Glad I was wearing sandals.  

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Re: Mule Lovers?

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Around 3 yrs ago, I was wearing a pair of Clarks Clogs - and I was at the top of the stairs and the left shoe separated - the leather top from the sole. I could have easily fallen down the stiars. Other times, one foot fell out of my Birkenstock Clogs. They could be dangerous.

So sorry for ur injuries --- best to wear closed shoes or sneakers where u can tie them. That is scary!!!!!!!


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Bedroom Slippers wrapped up in a Bow?

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Re: Mule Lovers?

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I also paused a moment because I've never been asked if I liked mules before..

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I do like the style of those mules but the one pair I bought from the brand Seven for all Mankind I ended up donating as they would slip off my feet and the fabric or glue used to make those shoes definitely outgassed and the scent bothered me.


I prefer clogs like those made by Born or B.O.C.

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Those are "cute." Mules are just about all my SIL wears. 


I've never been able to wear them .. I need closed backs or else I fall off the shoes.