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I've been going through my shoes and thinking about how much I paid for them, especially those that I don't wear much.  What is your most expensive pair of shoes?  Just curious!

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@seaglass1 Good point.  I have lots of shoes and many I hardly ever wear either anymore.  Especially the dressy ones!   I believe off the top of my head my most  expensive pair is probably my Vionic black suede wedges.  I think I paid $150.00 for them or something like that.  I have professional hiking boots that cost less!  LOL

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My most expensive is a pair of tall black suede boots. Originally they were about $200, but I bought them on sale for $125. Most of my shoes are in the $40 - 75 price range, but a few were purchased outside that range. 


I love shoes & shoe shopping, but I’ve pared down my collection quite a bit over the last few years. I don’t need as many shoes as when I was working. 

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Not going to reveal any prices, but I have a couple of pairs of Taryn Rose pumps that I bought when I had to wear skirted suits every day. They still look good and were well worth the money. I also have a pair of Manolo Blahnik black slingback pumps that I bought for special occassions. Haven't worn any of them in at least 5 years. but they still fit and are classic styles. If I had a place to wear them, I certainly would. 

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Re: Most expensive shoes

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Counting just shoes and not boots.  $206 dollars for a pair of Finn Comfort clogs.


 My favorite shoe store stopped carrying my favorite brand of clogs (Rohde) that cost $80  because they could not place a big enough order for them.  They were imports from Germany.  So, I wore my worn out clogs until I was able to find a substitute.


One beautiful fall day, my DH and I were in Williamsburg, VA when I came across a clog shop in the historic district.  I went in to browse. I found a clog that I liked and since I wear a sample size 6, I tried the shoe on from the display. There was no price on the shoe.


I really liked them and told my DH that I was getting a pair, but I wasn't sure what color I wanted.  I was stuck between wanting the navy and the wine color.  My DH said, " get both."


I almost did, but thought maybe I should make sure they were comfortable before I got a second pair.  I decided on the navy. The lady rang them up and said $206.  I paid for them, but was thankful I didn't get two pairs! 

That must have been about 20 years ago.  Since them I have purchased several new pairs on e-bay at a more affordable price.   There is a shoe store that sells it's brand new discontinuted colors and styles on e-bay.


My most expensive shoes cost only a fraction of my most expensive handbag.

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Probably my birkenstock clogs, maybe $150? They are old but still in great shape.

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I own Jimmy Choo (gold sparkle crystal), Chanel (black and gold lamb leather heels) and Prada shoes (black and white), all a bit pricey (more than $500.00 per pair), but fantastically made with handmade details.  I bought them a while back, but prices nowadays have skyrocketed. They are almost like collector's items.


These designer shoes will never go out of style, and I wear them on special occasions.


The cheapest shoes I bought were flip-flops for $2.00.

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$300 For my Cowboy Boots.  I’m a Texas girl. They last forever.

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My most expensive shoes were a pair of red crocodile flats from Jimmy Choo's store in NYC.  I was on a mother/daughter shopping trip and just couldn't resist.

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Birkenstock clogs.  $150.