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Let's see some multicolor bags~~~ :D

I fell in love with B.Mak bags and OrYany bags at the same time. They both feel sumptuous. But while OrYany bags have lots of multi-color options, B. Mak bags are mostly one color. Being that it is the spring time and I am in the mood for cheer and color, please consider bringing in some multi-color bags. Some call it color blocking and may think it is a fad. But I'm not so sure. I think women are catching on to the idea that you don't have to have a monochromatic accessory on your arm and I for one am loving it! I love the quality of B. Mak bags and I also would be ready to pounce if I saw more LARGER bags offered. Something between 14-17" wide and 14-16" tall would be nice...3-6" deep.....I'd love that! I'm a mom and my kids are too old for me to carry a diaper bag...I've gotten to graduate back to purses, but still need the versatility of a roomy purse. Thanks for the consideration. LOVE THE BAGS! Smiley Very Happy :*