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I wore Keds sneakers each summer during childhood, many years ago, long before many of the athletic brands were around.  I was thinking about getting a pair, but I'm concerned about comfort.  Does anyone have recent experience with this brand?

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  Blast from the past.I too grew up wearing  Keds. About 10 years ago I bought a pair of Keds leather slip on sneakers. I still have them. They are very comfortable & washable. I just throw them in the washing machine on cold,air dry.Good as new.

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I remember them as having no support....just flat.  I think I've gotten spoiled by the latest technology in sneakers.  But, perhaps, they have changed.  I like the look and worth a try -on.  

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I bought a pair last year because I liked the floral print. They look nice and feel okay, but they don’t provide much support. They’re fine for wearing for a couple of hours at a time, but I couldn’t wear them for much longer than that for fear of aggravating my old plantar fasciitis. At the end of the day, I spent about $55 for a pair of shoes that I rarely wear.

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I pull (rip) out the insoles and put my own orthotics in. Not difficult to do. The Keds insoles are glued in place under the heel of the foot. Most of it comes out in one piece. You just pull out the very little scrap that remains or leave it, as it isn't much and doesn't interfere with anything. They accommodate all kinds and brands of inserts. 

The double and triple deckers are cushier than the single. 

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I bought a pair of white leather Keds in the past year or so. They are comfortable and very well made. They fit true to size. I bought them directly from the Keds website because they were not sold in stores. They are pebble grain and have red “baseball” stitching and a “home plate” tag in the back above the traditional blue Keds tag. They were just novelty shoes worth having. They were also available in canvas, but the leather is much easier to keep clean. 


I find them a little heavy, but very supple,  and arch support is not their best feature. However, I don’t wear them as performance athletic shoes or for long walks intended for health benefits. They’re just cute sneakers I enjoy if I go to a ball game or in the summer with shorts and a polo shirt. Casual, but a little different. 


The Keds website has a great look at every one of its women’s products, so you could window shop there.  Keds website shipped immediately and they arrived very quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy any style of Keds for fun or pretty sneakers. Lots of choices, very familiar look brought forward to today. 


Here’s mine! Yes, I’d say this one type might not be every girl’s choice, but Keds makes really nice sneakers, for sure. 



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Yes.  They are cute and for awhile they were part of my "look".  It was fun when they would fade and toes would make holes (I wore them a lot) - kind of like a good 'ol pair of jeans.


They are flat.  I used to wear them all day running around on hard surfaces, but a few years later, that would be silly since my feet are older and less resilient.


I'd wear them now for short trips, but I think they've gotten a bit overpriced for the label on the back.  The patterns and colors are fun.

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Yes! Keds was what I wore from like 12 - 14 years old. The classic white canvas.

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Love Keds!  I actually wore them in college during the preppy years ~ 

I have purchased Kds the last few years ~ and purchased 2 pairs last summer ~ not the traditional ones but a cute pair of slip ons ~from the studio collection ~ and they were very comfortable ~ I wore them for my annual trip to NYC and my friend and I do alot of walking ~ 

Plus on the keds sight they have free  returns and exchanges ~ so worth a shot !

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I loved my Keds, threw them in the washer AND used white shoe polish on them too, but I couldn't wear them now.   I'm too spoiled by the support of the newer walking/running shoes.   I like Ryka


I also love Chuck Taylors but they have no support either.