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Hello, fellow shoe lovers.


Today I just bought a pair of Kork-Ease ankle boots 7.5 M in red--the only color remaining from 6 PM for about 106 including tax.  It is my second pair--bought first pair last year in the spring in blue also on sale.


Very comfortable which explains why it is a repeat purchase.  Weearing thee blue onees a lot with my jeans/slacks, white shirt and blazer outfits. 


(They normally retail for around $200.00)


They are so comfortable and go with so many outfits--love the back of the shoe zipper.


I wish styles by shoe manufacturers wouldn't be discontinued so quickly.


Any of you given in to temptation lately to repurchase a favorite shoe?


Sorry I can't post a picture--only did it on the QVC forums once.  Just can't seem to master this task.



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@aroc3435 ....I just looked to see what Kork-Ease was all about and you got a great price!  They are nice.  Enjoy! Cat Happy

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@aroc3435    If you ever want to post a photo, I'd be glad to help you.  Just page me.

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@aroc3435, Wear your new shoes with a big smile and enjoy!  You deserve them.  

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@Kachina624   Very lovely of you.  When I get past my recent ordeal yesterday by phone and today by chat of online banking with my 35 year membership with my credit union who just launched a new website yesterday I will page you.  (I resorted to calling when doing by myself didn't succeed.)


I'm still in "recovery mode" since access worked yesterday after a total of an hour between waiting and talking with a very nice rep and this morning's chat which resolved itself more quickly with a "provided link" to reset my settings.  Also was forced to change my password. 


Both reps were very nice and knowledgeable though;  it's me--I am a true computer dinosaur.


I use a MacBook that I purchased in June 2017--retirement gift to myself.  Thank God for the Mac though. 


Hated Miscrosoft at work, especially since we started with Macs which I had finally mastered and then they switched to Microsoft.  At least Mac things are more intuitive for me.


Again, I so appreciate the offer!  I still use a generic flip cell phone and the few ATT bells and whistles are unused by me, including I do not text anyone, ever, or reply to those that send them to me.



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I haven't repurchased a style of shoe recently but did so in the past with Dansko clogs that were great for running errands and walking a lot.  Got several colors in the same style and wore them out!


Enjoy your boots!

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Re: I Succumbed . . .

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Your posts made me look at their site. They have really nice shoes. I liked their styles. They look like quality shoes. Shoes is my one weakness. Congratulations on getting a grest sale. 

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Re: I Succumbed . . .

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Posting pictures can be easy most of the time.  If the picture is on the internet, right click on the picture and see if the option copy picture pops up.  If it does, click on it, then click paste on your post.  This doesn't work with all pictures.  


If the above doesn't work, you can most times (not alawys) save pictures from the internet to your computer (right click, and select add to photos or whatever file you can put them in and find.). Most internet "stores" allow downloads.


Then, when you are drafting your post, click on the icon on the top of the message box that looks like a landscape (when you hover your mouse on it it reads "insert/edit image"), click on the icon, in the drop down menu click "choose file", find in your computer the file where you saved the picture, find the picture, select it, and click insert image.


If I get a message that says picture is too large in terms of data, I am most likely to pass.  That happens most often with photos that I take, but if it is a photo from the internet, I don't think it is ever too big.


Looking forward to seeing the boots!

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@elated   Shoes are one of my biggest weaknesses, too.  Until online purchasing became available I had slim pickings--size 7.5 shoe with a 4A toe and a super high (almost invisible) instep/arch and an even skinnier 5AA heel so I used to take MetroNorth into Grand Central to shop in Manhattan when I was desperate for a shoe or sneaker that would fit and have some style. 


And so many "likes" since I discovered Bananna Republic. 


Really don't need any more clothes from them or any other merchant . . . but I prefer things like trousers and blazers that last so I have pieces that are still in really good shape from long ago. 


I dress sort of "preppy" and/or Annie Hall style so stuff, while not "trendy" yhose silhoueettes usually still look great on me.


I've started to calm down, after many, many years, in the Kitchen department. 


BUT I do want/kind of need a new dinnerware set but am extremely picky so am still searching.


I will know the set when I finally find it.  Been looking for a long time.


Anyway, I am pleased with this purchase--so not feeliing too guilty since I know they will fit and get worn a lot.





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Kork-Ease Skye - Left View