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I've run across the site They say they sell authentic D & B. Anyone have any dealings with this company/site?

Could someone explain the trade in program of previously purchased Dooneys?

Thanks for your help ladies.

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Hi - I bougnt two bags from there and YES, the are legit.  But, i do not know about the other - program/trade-in.

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Re: I Love Dooney legit?

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It's owned by Dooney 


The trade in program lets you mail them the bag you want to trade in and they give you store credit worth 50% off of it's original price towards the purchase of another single item of equal or greater value. So if your purse is valued at 500 dollars, you get a 250 dollar credit towards the purchase of another 500 dollar total price. You can't combine credits. It's one credit towards the purchase of one item. 

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