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I ordered four bags during the 12 (13) days promotion. (Croco crossbody, nylon crossbody, porotfino crossbody and a leather wristlet I can't find on their site any longer). Great shipping - I have all the bags but I have major issues with the zippers (especially the croco). They are very stiff and stick. These are my first Dooneys and I don't know what to expect - do the zippers get better with age, do you put something on them to make them slide properly or do I just send them back? The croco really bothers me - the zipper won't go all the way open and part of it is in the bag (like they used a zipper from a larger bag and stuck it on this bag and tried to make it work). The shipping form states "credits and exchanges are limited to new direct mail catalog purchases only" - does that mean I can't return them because I ordered online? I'm really dissappointed and confused and any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!