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I love New Balance and for years it's all I wore.

I just bought new shoes recently & I couldn't find the right fit.

9 was too small, 9.5 was too big.


The last pair I bought were Ryka.

The style is Devotion 2.  Fits great, has excellent support

I've had 2 pairs of the Sky Walk style.   They were a little clunky, but still a great fit.


The last time I went to buy shoes, I told myself, any brand, any price, as long as my feet are happy.   I tried on at least a dozen pairs, still went back to the Ryka.


I previously bought only shoes with Memory Foam.   Until I tried the Ryka I didn't know what I was missing.   I need full support, not foam.


@aubegirl wrote:

Just started walking now that its cooler.  I usually wear skechers and wondering about the arch fit.  Any suggestions for a good walking shoe?


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Re: Good walking shoe?

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Do you have a Fleet Feet near you?  Depending on where you walk (sidewalks, trails, gravel, rocks), the speed you walk (power walk or stroll, for example), the pronation of your foot, they can recommend the perfect shoe for you.  Not only do they take physical measurements, they have a machine that scans your foot to give more information.  They want you to put on the shoes and walk or jog around the store.  A friend of mine, who is a single parent and doesn't have a lot of extra money, went there to buy some walking shoes and left with--according to her--the most comfortable walking shoes she'd ever owned.  They are also the most expensive shoes ($125) she'd ever bought, but she says they are well worth it.  Many running shoes are actually great for walking shoes, and they only sell the best.  They will be supportive, well-made, and if you have any issues with them after wearing them, you can return them!   

Brands fit people differently. I can't wear Asics, for example. New Balance and Nike fit me well, but my friend thought the New Balance was uncomfortable.  She ended up with a pair of Brooks.  Go to Fleet Feet; you won't be sorry!  Smiley Happy 

ETA:  They have many brands that aren't in the commonplace market like Karhu, HOKA (my dermatologist wears those), Mizuno, Altra as well as the more common brands.

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It is well worth it to investigate a shoe and insole that makes your feet sing.  Easy way to walk even further.


Take a look around at walkers and runners.  Bet not a one of them is in a Sketcher.  Something better is called for.

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It's so difficult to recommend a shoe that works for everyone. I prefer Saucony, but they have so many styles, that I had to try several before I found one that worked for me. 

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Sketchers have absolutely no support, like a floppy sock.  They are the worst thing to wear for serious walking.  You need something with an arch support and a firm heel to hold your foot in place.  Any good athletic shoe would be better than Sketches for walking.

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Over the years the Avia cantilever heel has given me the best stability I can find. Sadly, that brand name has been passed from manufacturer to manufacturer like a hot potato, with declining quality each time. But so has the price.


Yet that cantilever heel design continues to sell. Years ago when I used to walk 4-5 miles a day, I was clearly less tired when I wore the Avias. That's what good stability does for you.


I wouldn't recommend today's Avias for heavy usage, but perhaps for short walks they might be worth a try. But only the ones with the cantilever.





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Love my Skechers boat shoes, but not for exercise walking. It really would be best if you could to a "running" store that has a good variety of running and walking shoes. After that, you can then just buy new ones when needed online.


Personally, I wear the current model of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS for my long walks.

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For me, nothing better than good quality jogging sneakers.   

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What are your feet like?




Bunion issues

Arch issues

Metatarsal issues

High instep

Heel issues