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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now



The FFANY shoes have been up and for sale for at least a few weeks!  I ordered a pair for me and a pair for DH, which he really likes.


We received our shoes last week.


I did watch the show, and I thought Jane did a great job sharing lots of shoes, and emphasizing the importance and reason for the show.


For me, this is a donation for breast cancer research, and the shoes are just a great bonus!

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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now

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I bought the Kork-Ease booties and the Clark's leather sneakers for me, and the Bettye Muller peep-toe booties as a gift for DD. I hope I got the sizes right! in normal times I'm usually never home to watch!Smiley Happy

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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now

In many past years I could not get through to order, or if I did, my size was gone. Last evening I ordered the peep toe, cut-out booties in Black...$49 plus S&H...placed order online, did not watch the hour. I just can't ever watch Jane.

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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now

@Pecky   Not to mention all ugly shoes, most of them were summer sandals. Who's wearing those now????


Saw only one pr of decent shoes - a very standard penny loafer for men. What a joke of a selection. DIdn't see hardly any from vendros who actually sell their shoes/boots here. And what they did toss in were ugly.

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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now

I got two pair before they went on air.

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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now

@1jac wrote:

I always buy the "Jodie";shoe by Marc Fisher in honor of his sister who died of breast cancer. They are always beautiful and very well made. This year I bought two pairs.I ordered them earlier today. It was a shame that the show wasn't like years past. But then what is these days?

An update on Ffany shoes ordered. My two pairs came, but one of the pairs was not the color I ordered. Of course I checked, but my size is sold out in all the colors. The good news is that the size received was the corrrct size. I'm grateful for that, so I will keep them. 

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Re: FFANY Shoes sale on air now

Yje sponsoring group, the Fashion Footwear Assocaition of NY (FFANY) was a victim of the pandemic.  They were one of two large industry tradfe groups.  Their income relied upon a couple of giant national trade shoes, and a few smaller events,  The lack of income forced them to merge with that other trad3 group, which i think is west coast based. SAd for the organiations that rec3eived great donations.