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I love the  style and the low heal but I don’t like how any of the models toes looked in that frame shot..It made the big toe look huge.Do you think it was just the camera work or does the shoe style push the toes out in an odd way?

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No narrow widths as usual.  Have to go to my catalogs which offfer Earth in narrow widths.  Love the styles I can find there.  QVC, please offer Earth in narrow widths at least in TSV's.  I know they would sell out if you offered them.

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@jbinrwc...............I have narrow feet, especially my heels.  I can wear Earths mediums very well.  No flopping or slipping.  Have you tried any of the mediums?

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  Whatnow: I was thinking same as you, the frame shots prevent me from getting an overall picture of the shoe, the fit and perspective-  I wrote to the moderators to suggest to update...

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Just seeing them now on AM Style. I like them. I ordered one Earth TSV last year in a wide width, returned them because they flopped off my foot. I'm a 10W.

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I had the same thought Whatnow about the toes (thank goodness it's not just me with the toe thing!) but I jumped in and bought the nude color. I need a pair of comfy shoes that don't look like comfy shoes.  A model or too I noticed their toes looked ok & I liked the button they put where the Velcro is. Another pet peeve of mine, what is with all the Velcro? Good grief, a little buckle on a shoe looks great! This is my first pair of Earth shoes, so fingers crossed that they fit well & I like them.  I really like the olive color too. I have been doing a little shoe shopping out in retail & it's just disappointing. 

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I have narrow feet so Earth is usually too wide. The one success I have had is that by going down a 1/2 size I can comfortably wear their Sweetpea wedges. They are fantastic! Everything I have tried was too wide and no amount of downsizing or pulling the laces all the way tight helped. 


Anyways, I don’t like how these look on the feet, heels too low for me and I hate hook and loop closure. I know some do need this, but at this point in my life I don’t and won’t buy any shoes with velcro.

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@jbinrwc Hi, I have narrow feet and have had to send back many pairs of  shoes, so I don't order  shoes from the Q very often.  Could u tell me what catalog u use to get narrow earth brand shoes from?

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I'm beginning to see people on the street wearing this style shoe.  Just a few hours ago - two women in front of me were wearing them (with dresses).


They really aren't all that attractive in person.  Makes people's ankles look thick (cankles).  Ruins the look of a shapely leg.

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Sally looks so cute in that outfit.

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