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Earth Sandals A352408

These sandals are so cute. I couldn't find any reviews on them and I would like to know if they are comfortable before I order them. I hate sending things back so I am debating whether I should order them or not.

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Re: Earth Sandals A352408

Hi, @browney !  I’ve looked for this sandal online to see reviews and how sizing runs.  I’ve found nothing, not even on the Earth website.  I like them, too, especially the yellow and am happy to see the wide width.

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Re: Earth Sandals A352408

@browney .............I dont have this pair but I have several Earth shoes and I love them.  Good quality and great fit.  If you are considering the yellow by any chance order soon that color flies out the door.

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Re: Earth Sandals A352408

Small world! I just ordered those sandals in the beige/tan color, because I had recently orderd the TSV from Earth and like them, but these have the 2 inch heel which I like to wear. So I am going for it. - usually order Clarks slides, clogs and sandals but they usualy do not have a look like this and the other Earth sandals I got are comfortable so.......

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Re: Earth Sandals A352408

Earth has become my favorite brand of shoes. I ordered the alpaca color.