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I received mine two days ago and they fit just fine.  My foot is more narrow, but long, and I ordered my regular size.  They feel very comfortable and look nice.

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These aren't huge on me, but they are big. I'm trying to decide if I should try wearing them with those rubber pads in the heel or just return them. :/


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So disappointed.  The length is fine but they are too wide and there is no way to tighten them.  During the presentation they kept saying that they would expand to your foot but never mentionned what to do if you have a narrower foot.  

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Wow....Q certainly dropped the ball with this failure TSV. They need more employees working in quality control. Don’t think we’ll be seeing Sally back anytime soon. She may need to get a job out on those ski slopes.  No more ordering anything that depends on fit from Q.  I’ll stick to household and garden items. Shoe hosts need to spend far less time gushing over the shoe design and colors — we can see that for ourselves. They need to spend their time describing fit. How does shoe fit in length? In width in toe box and in heel? Arch support?  Will shoe fit narrow foot, wide foot, or medium foot only?  Can bungees or laces or buckles be adjusted?

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Wow!   Just got my sandals today and normally take a size 10 to 10 1/2.  Thought a 10 would work but it is huge in not only the length but the width too.  Sending them back for a size 9 1/2.   I have never ordered a smaller size before.  Will wait and see what happens.   So disappointed!

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SuzieQ, my sandals arrived and the fit was off, they were too long (and I ordered a half size down to start with!), but the color was indeed a dark greenish color with a slight cool/blue tone.  Not a bad color, but not teal, and not at all versatile, besides being a bad fit.  I sent them back asking for a half size smaller and in black, which goes with everything.  I have no idea if I'll get them, I didn't check to see if that combo was available, but if they give me a refund that's okay, too, since I just had an emergency vet clinic bill for my ancient little Cairn Terrier girl that approached $500, ouch!

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@CamilleP, sorry to hear about your shoes. I hate when I order something and wait, just hoping that when it arrives it will be what I expected only to be disappointed. I'm on waitlist for the blue but I'm torn because the reviews are so bad. Guess I'll have to wait and see.


More importantly, I hope your little dog will be okay. My dog, previous to the one I have now, had so many ailments (gallbladder surgery and went blind at age 10) and I know how heart-wrenching it is. Sending her get well wishes and thanks to you for being such a good mom to her. Heart

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Thanks for the good wishes for Cinder, SuzieQ.  I got a phone call today that the antibiotic the emergency vet prescribed worked on the culture they grew, so hopefully the sample I will try to collect tomorrow morning and take to our regular vet will show the infection is all gone.  Still, at 16 even a UTI is scary, though Cinder has certainly given no sign that she was ever worried.  The antibiotic and pain pills she was taking could have given her a severe GI upset, but she never showed a smidge of a sign of discomfort in any way.  She has certainly appreciated the extra food she's been getting in order to take the Clavamox three times a day and the Rimadyl twice a day.  Weaning her off the extra nummies is not going to be pretty, this little lady expects to be treated in the style to which she has become accustomed, lol.

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Well, SuzieQ, three days after Cinder finished her antibiotics her infection returned, so she's back on Clavamox, and on Saturday we'll do cystocentesis to see if she has anything growing while she's on that drug, so we can switch to a better one if need be.  Cinder has certainly appreciated the extra food, the old trout, LOL!


Re: the sandals, QVC got my returned green pair, and sent me a pair in black and a half-size smaller.  Thankfully, they fit better than the original pair, and I will get far more wear out of them, as black goes with everything.  I wish the teal color had been a true teal blue, and I'd have kept them, but even though the black isn't as pretty a color, it's better than bright kelly green!