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“Dear Ryka”...Bring Back Cute Skimmers again...

And by skimmer I mean the skimmers like you made about 10 years ago, still cute today.  

The ones that look like cute, ballet flats, with athletic details, but stylish, and all your own. Not the "Sketcher" types you mimic now that are more bulky, athletic, not as cute.


I had 3 pairs over the years...only one remains but I'd love fresh ones. I used to wear them with everything all summer, and they looked like a cute, little flat you could wear with sundresses, shorts, crops, or to exercise walk in.  They were a great balance of sporty, stylish.  I worked retail in them...they were supportive enough for a 7 hour shift, but mostly....customers CONSTANTLY asked me where I got them, they were "so cute!"


They'd still be in style today, and there's none on the market like them. We don't need you to mimic Sketchers "Go Walks"...they've got that covered.

Those skimmers were something Ryka did right. BRING THEM BACK! (the ones with the little bungee detail, ribbing details)


Hoping a rep sees this today since you've got the TSV.

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Re: “Dear Ryka”...Bring Back Cute Skimmers again...

@amyb We've been told that vendors do not read these forums.


Suggest you go to their FB page or website and message them.

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Re: “Dear Ryka”...Bring Back Cute Skimmers again...

@amyb  I agree with you.  Loved my skimmers and still have a pair.  @lovemygrands I do know that it is said that vendors do not read these boards, but I think that they do.  They would be foolish not to read them since this is feedback that they need to improve and sell their products.  

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Re: “Dear Ryka”...Bring Back Cute Skimmers again...

I still have a pair of those skimmers in light gray, and they look just the same as they did years ago when I bought them. I with they would bring those back, too.