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D&B Factory Tent Sale, Norwalk CT.

I went to the tent sale today and I'm glad I did. Of course, you need to know your prices. Most things were 40% off and perhaps you can do better with the 12 days of Dooney on a given day. I got the leather Valerie bag. It was specially priced at $110. I got it in white and will save it for the summer. It is gorgeous! My friend picked up a zebra bag with the red leather trim. I think it was 40% off. There was a BIG selection and it was pretty well organized, even though there were LOTS of people there. I think the sale goes on until Sunday when I think the prices might even be better from what one of the D&B workers told me. If you are in the area, you might want to stop by. I was in handbag heaven and it's a miracle that I only walked out with one bag because there were many that tempted me. However, I expect a Dooney for Christmas and I am about to order a plaid Dooney plastic coated crossbody bag from Dooney. com (cheaper than on Zappos website), so I need try to control myself. What is it about handbags that make so many of us go out of control?