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Clarks TSV Boot

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This Clarks TSV boot is no where near being wider in the toe box.  I wear a medium width shoe and I can barely get these on.  All the hype and pictures they were showing is definitely not the truth, these boots are narrow.  They have to go back and my color in the wide is sold out,  Too bad, I fell for the hype at them being a bit wider.

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@Jackyl    QVC and Clark's often use the TSV as a dumping ground for merchandise that has a design flaw.  It has happened too often.  Two years ago they did the same with another shoe that review after review said they couldn't get on their feet.  It disappeared from the website right after the TSV then popped up on Zulily a couple of months later

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@Jackyl  One of the problems that I have had with Clark's shoes when purchasing on the Q and HSN is inaccurate sizing.  I ordered the Clark's TS on HSN last week and went up a half size like I need to do on the Q.  I could not even keep the shoes on and had to return.  They are not doing exchanges, so I received a refund.  Yesterday, I ordered the Clark's new ballet flats in my normal size since I was afraid to go up a half.  I am hoping for the best.  I have an old pair of Halston's black suede flats that I have worn for years, but they are starting to look like I have had them for years.  Time for a new pair, but I have not seen Halston presented in quite a while (maybe because I don't watch too much).  Anyway, hoping for the best.

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Good to know.  i haven't bought a pair of Clarks in several years.


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I'm with you.  There is NO way with the point on that toe that shoe would be comfortable on a lot of people like the hosts made it out to be.  NO WAY.  And going up 1/2 size could make the feel even worse.  I'm appalled at some of the straight out lies that these hosts tell people.