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Categories of Sneakers

Got my daily Nordstom email ... today's is about sneakers.  They have then sorted into five categories








The Comfort category looks to be the most attractive.


The Designer are outrageously expensive!   The Jimmy Choo sneakers are $1995


JIMMY CHOO Nowary Crystal Embellished Slip-On Sneaker, Main, color, WHITE/ CRYSTAL

The Gucci look like they are designed to be worn by Viking warriors.  $1590


GUCCI Flashtrek Spike Sneaker, Main, color, WHITE/ GOLD


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Re: Categories of Sneakers

I just spent WAY too much on a pair of sneakers I’d been wanting for a while....just couldn’t justify the price, but I finally bit the bullet and my Golden Goose sneaks arrive Friday........I guess I’ve spent the same amount on two pair of others that ended up at Goodwill because they just weren’t right.......

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Re: Categories of Sneakers

Just my personal opinion, both pairs in the OP are pretty ugly.