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I like the bright colors, my asics running shoes are very bright. Oh well, to each his own.

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I have a pair of leopard print Nikes that are dark grey on light grey with hot pink neon trim and laces. Most of my workout clothes are grey or black, so they do match my clothing. I think the neon colors are fun!

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Kate Spade has some for New Balance-

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I'm 60 and have a pair of neon pink running shoes. It's fun. On the plus side, people can see me as I walk, whether I'm doing a power walk or walking my dog.

Lighten up a little and enjoy some color.

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I'm not young (49) and I just got a pair of Asics that are bright pink, purple and orange - they are gorgeous and I LOVE them! If a person can't have fun with sneakers...well, to me that is a pretty pathetic thing. I'm not wearing these to work, after all. Although I have to say, I've seen nurses and those who wear scrubs wear these bright sneakers and I love it.

ETA: And for those who want to follow what "everyone else" is doing - why?? I don't get it. I say make choices in life that make you happy - especially choices that absolutely do not impact anyone else - like wearing a bright sneaker.

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On 1/5/2015 apple1964 said:

{#emotions_dlg.confused1} What does bright color and age have to do with anything.

I agree. I am the same inside as I was when I was in my twenties, and I happen to love the colors of shoes these days.

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On 1/5/2015 apple1964 said:

{#emotions_dlg.confused1} What does bright color and age have to do with anything.

Based on the responses I'm reading, nothing at all. Smiley Happy

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Young people? Young people, old people, middle aged people; people in general, like brightly colored sneakers. There's nothing "to get". I'm on of the few that doesn't like colored sneakers, I never did, not even when I was a kid. I like my sneakers bright white, with white socks.

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Not a fan of neon in the 80's or now. Same with white tennis shoes.

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I am VERY old and would LOVE a pair of the New Balance multicolored neon sneakers, but I can't find a pair less that $100- out of my price range. LOVE THE KATE SPADE Lola- anyone know where I can get a pair?