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Nearly every time you see sneakers anywhere they are in these eye popping, neon colors. I confess that I just don't get it. Do the young people prefer this?
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Yes I think so. I'm almost 57 & have to say I also like them.
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I belong to to the YMCA and there are people of all ages wearing these bright colors. I like them as well.
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Don't think it's an age thing as much as a kicky, fun, for-a-change thing. I wouldn't wear them as everyday shoes but enjoy them as a playful accessory. They're not really that new. Nike has been doing them for years.

I have read that the British are rather horrified by them and can instantly spot American tourists who, in the eyes of the Brits, are the only people who would even think of wearing them.

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I'll be 70 next month and I like them. I have a pair of nikes that are turquoise with bright lime green trim and laces and very comfy. Nice change from regular athletic shoes which I also have.
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I cant get into them, I think they look cute tho ...I like to match too much

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I'm 60 and I like them.

I have bright turquoise and black with bright coral walking shoes. I like having something bright and fun to wear when I'm doing my walks.

Pure white walking shoes are out, I've heard. Clinton Kelley lists them as a big NO.

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I will be 60 this year and I am not a sneaker person but I think they are cute! I did not order because I am not sure if this brand is only for those with foot issues, so I am not taking the chance.

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My last two pairs have been black with neon trim. One has a pop of turquoise and the other a pop of pink. If there's going to be neon, I prefer it as trim instead of the entire shoe.

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I love them and I am in my mid 50's!