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I love Birkenstock. I wear them everyday. As a matter of fact, when I had major back problems in the late 90's, Birkenstock was my saving grace. I couldn't wear anything else. Such a truly great shoe brand. Fullstop.


Anyway, I was clicking around the net and just saw that Manolo Blahnik has done a collab with Birkenstock ala Carrie Bradshaw and one of her favorite royal blue pumps with crystals. LOL. I just think that it is funny and very camp. Woman LOL


Way to expensive for my taste though. $800 for the Arizona style and there is no mention IF the crystals are at least Swarovski. Hmmm.


Well, to each their own. If anyone buys them enjoy.

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I sure miss the Birkis that Q sold many years ago. I have gone to ebay to find another pair that were just perfect for my feet. They fit better than the wider strapped ones like Arizona. The Blahnick/ Birk model for $600 sounds quite fancy, but I will have to pass....won't be long someone puts out a knockoff...will probably pass on that too....

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Oh, oh, my credit card just yelled 😂. Love my birks.

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Too bad they're not more affordable for the many Birkenstock collectors.  They should get a brand loyalty discount!