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Has anyone bought a pair this year and know what width they are on HSN? It doesn't say, and I need the M/W, as opposed to N/M. They usually just carry narrow widths for some reason. No place to ask that question on that site, and doubt customer service operators would really know. Thanks!

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Generally the only way to know was to catch a glimpse of the footprint.  They were also very bad about mixing up the offerings.


Just go to the birkie site.  

Over the years Amazon has had problems, don't go there.

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Don't buy Birki's from Zappo either.  Bought a pair of sandals from there a couple years ago and one of the buckles broke about two months after buying.  Took them to my shoe repairman, who is authorized by Birkenstock, and he told me that the buckles on my shoes were not Birkenstock buckles.  But the sandals were, so I'm not certain where or how the buckles got changed.  Should have contacted Zappos but I was heading out for an extended vacation and forgot to do it when I returned.  

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They don't show footprint, and no video. I did buy a white one on Birkenstock site, but want a silver one since they are so comfortable . They sell out so quickly in my size, 41. Found out I am 42 m/w in sneaker. I only buy on HSN or Birkenstock site. Wish HSN were more clear on widths. Only causes more returns. Thanks, Susi.

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I've purchased four pairs of Birkenstocks from HSN during the last year. I have another pair coming next week.

They sell only the narrow, but they work for me. 
I wear a medium in other brands of shoes. 

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Thanks Deeva ! Good to know .I tried the narrower one on in store and was too tight. The sandals fit well, but in this sneaker, I  need the bigger size in length and width. I would have bought in store, but they only had black.