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Boscov's currently has 42 stores in 6 states.

The store closest to me in NE PA is about to undergo a major renovation with millions committed to the project. A half hour away, another Boscov's is the key store in a mall which recently went into bankruptcy. Mr Boscov is buying the mall in order to keep the downtown area viable.

Mr Boscov lives locally. He is very wealthy and contributes to many charities.

I doubt that his stores would be so successful if they sold seconds. He has grown his brand from one store in PA to 42 in other states along the Eastern coastline - NY, NJ, PA, Del, MD & Ohio.

It's true that the stores would not be considered high-end like Macy's or Lord & Taylor or Nordstrom's or Neiman Marcus. Boscov's falls in that mid-range, perhaps more on par with a JCP. I think comments made in reference to Boscov's are untrue and unfair. Does he bring in some lower quality items that he sells at greatly-reduced prices? Yes. But the customer can tell the difference between selling $5 umbrellas vs a Totes'. The store sells a variety and carries many well-recognized national brands.

I've lived in the area my entire life. I'm 63. I was away from the area teaching in So Jersey for 30 years. I would come back for holidays. Now I'm back home. I can't begin to count how many times I've shopped at Boscov's. I've never purchased anything that I found to be defective or "seconds".

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On 3/26/2014 BLH said:

Just make sure to check your purchase carefully at Boscov's. They sell only discontinued or inferior products.

That is absolutely not true! I recently bought a Dooney & Bourke handbag at Boscovs. It was the same exact bag QVC, Macys and Nordstroms were all selling for $218. Boscovs had it for $185, with free shipping. They also have a nice selection of Alfred Dunner clothes that I really like. I don't know about all their merchandise, but their name brands are just as good as anyone else.