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Well “it” happened again yesterday.
What happened? Well another pair (I think this is 3rd or 4th pair of Clark shoes that came apart!

I’ve barely worn these shoes. I’ve had them for maybe 3 years. They’re a light brown color and all leather. I don’t like the color brown so I don’t wear the shoes much.

I found them in the bottom of a closet and built my outfit around them. They’re beautiful shoes.

When I got in my car the shoe flew off. I thought it was another pair that since I lost weight were just too loose.

But when I got out of my car I looked down and saw that the top leather part (they were clogs like my others) were pulling away from the sole.

Since I was meeting a friend I had to be on time and couldn’t turn around to change shoes.

At the restaurant, while walking out, the leather completely pulled away from the sole.

I ended up walking out barefooted! Can you believe it?

I have a few other pair of Clark clogs but I’m afraid to wear them!

What’s going on with these Clark shoes? Otherwise they’re beautiful. You can tell they’ve barely been worn!
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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

@Annabellethecat66 Apparently this SOLE issue is not just limited to Clark's.   I had on a pair of leather Merrell mocs that I can count on one hand the times I have worn them.   I put them on to wear to a church function and the sole came a loose as well.  Our small town does not have a shoe repair so cash in the trash I suppose.

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

I'm retired from teaching for 4 years now, but when I was teaching I wanted comfortable shoes since I was standing on my feet most of the day.  Clarks were always my go to for comfort, and the only shoe (clog) I was able to wear with a bad heel spur.  


The last few years of teaching, I had noticed Clarks were not the same quality as in previous years.  Most of their shoes have stitching all the way around the shoe that attaches the sole to the shoe.  What happens is the stitching seems to be inferior and either dries out or dry rots prematurely, even with minimal usage, and the sole then pulls away and separates from the actual shoe. 


I had that happen to me on two different occasions while teaching class.  I had to ask the janitor for masking tape so that I could wrap it around the entire shoe to be able to wear it until I was able to leave school for the day. 


I have not purchased any more Clarks for that reason.  They're not manufacturing shoes like they did years ago where they were revered for their quality.   

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

i only buy CLARKS CLOUDSTEPPERS and CLARKS COLLECTION styles. they work well for me and i have not had any issues with quality or durability. some are purchased from qvc, some from the clarks outlet store.

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

Maybe the glue was defective

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

That's her story and she's sticking to







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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

Poor quality with Clark's is exactly why my daughters and I avoid this brand.  

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

@Annabellethecat66 - Here's a link to the thread I posted last year about this issue and why I will never buy another pair of Clark's.  (Just threw out another two pairs last month - same issue!) 

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….



I never buy Clarks.  So sorry Luv!Smiley Happy

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Re: Another Pair of Clarks….

Many years ago I had a pretty pair of Clarks sandals that I loved. I was actually shopping in Marshalls when that happened to me, one shoe just spontaneously "combusted" and fell apart.

I had purchased them from a Clarks outlet store. I contacted Clarks and told them, they didn't just offer me a new pair. It was some very complicated procedure to get anything from them so I said no thanks. At that point I had lost all confidence in their shoes so I never bought another pair.
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