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I just remembered - I have some beige scaly reptile textured flats from Aerosoles.  I forgot about them.  Haven't worn them in a while!  



@ALRATIBA wrote:
Last year I bought snake print, leopard print, tan, black, brown, navy, gray/silver, and gray booties with a block heel and pointed toes. Some suede and some smooth leather. All on sale. (I can only wear lower heels.).

From prior years I have suede ankle boots in every color that was available. QVC is late to the shoe game with these styles!


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I love animal prints in clothing. I have not bought animal print shoes, but I am definitely planning to purchase some this fall. 

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Talbots has a pair of  leopard print loafers that I like!

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Talbots has several styles of animal print shoes at 40% off.

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I have a couple pair of leopard heels, a couple pair of snake heels and boots and LOVE them!   Perfect to wear with solid dresses or monochromatic tops and bottoms.  


Just this Fall I purchased a pair of leopard combat boots and I cannot TELL you how many compliments I've received - great look. 


I also bought a pair of leopard tall shaft boots which I haven't worn yet but know exactly what I WILL be wearing them with.  Really, really pretty. Smiley Happy

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Recently bought LEATHER leopard print booties.  They'll go with many things in my closet.  

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Have them, love them.

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I have a pair of faux calf hair leopard flats that I love, they dress up a simple black sweater and jeans (and many other things). I was worried about how faux calf hair would hold up, but after A LOT of wears, they still look impeccable. 

I bought a pair of Cole Haan leopard sneakers last year. I ended up wearing them a lot more than I thought. 

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I don't own any, but I've contemplated a pair from Rothy's.  I've never worn the brand, so not sure if they'd be comfy and worth the price.

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I don't care for any animal print for me; but I think there are a lot of people that look good in animal print.


I think it can look really sexy on some people.  


I think people should wear what THEY like.


I dress for me....I think everyone should dress for themselves.