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Currently I don’t own any. I used to have a pair of leopard print ballet flats. Loved those. Wore them with black pants, jeans, jean & tan skirts, khakis, etc. They finally fell apart. Not sure why I never replaced them.

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Love my leopard print shoes. For spring summer, I have flats, slides and sandals. In winter, I wear ankle boots that are black with leopard up the back, leopard lace-up oxfords and evening a pr. of leopard kitten heel pumps.


I can't remember not having some type of leopard shoe.

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I have leopard loafers that look great with ankle pants. I feel spunky wearing them. 

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I love the look of leopard print shoes and boots...though I don't own any.


I hate snake-print ANYTHING!

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I have a pair of Dr. Scholls that I wear all the time. Get compliments all the time. Just got a second pair! And very comfortable! Go for it! 

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I have a pair of Clarks kitten heel pumps in a leopard print in a size 8.5M that I currently can't wear but hope to someday. I wish that I could find an animal print clog or mule. I love animal print and think that especially in shoes, they are very sexy!

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Have always had several pair of leopard.  Love them.  The Clarkes TSV today (8/28) is, however, hidious.  So dated and just ugly.  QVC needs to stop with the Clarkes.  JMO

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Last year I bought snake print, leopard print, tan, black, brown, navy, gray/silver, and gray booties with a block heel and pointed toes. Some suede and some smooth leather. All on sale. (I can only wear lower heels.). From prior years I have suede ankle boots in every color that was available. QVC is late to the shoe game with these styles!
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Animal print shoes are UGLY and cheap looking.  Any animal print clothing can also look cheap.  Be careful when choosing animal print.

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Re: Animal print shoes

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Yes I wear animal print shoes and love them.  I currently have a pair of leopard flats that I always get compliments when wearing them.  Also just bought a pair of black and leopard closed toe wedges for the winter.