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I've had back problems for several years and I work in a hospital that has cement flooring under the linoleum.  I got by with my Merrell slip ons but my back still ached after a few hours.  I purchased the Asics Nimbus 17 tennis shoes and I LOVE them!  The gel takes all the vibration away from my back when I walk!  My physician had me purchase a stiff arch support and a local podiatrist installed them in the correct location.  I went to my local Lady Foot Locker and purchased a second pair.  They even come in wide widths!  These have really worked for me and wanted to share the information with others who may be looking for the same solution.

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Asics are good shoes. They are my go-to choice for athletic shoes.


Before the boards changed over there was also a good discussion about SAS shoes. They're good and supportive too and made in the USA. Prices are comparable to the higher end Asics.


If there is a Sports Authority near you Asics can sometimes be found on their clearance section. But you have to keep an open mind as their styles changes constantly. If you like your current find then you might want to buy yet another pair for the future.