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Re: A254211 $699.00 Pathetic

On 3/30/2015 maryebrown said:
On 3/29/2015 Kimi-Eliz said:

I just started a new thread about the price increases, especially in the GILI line. The pieced leather jacket is increased by $100. What are they doing? I saw JM presenting and she isn't very good. She really knew very little about the bag. It was a real snooze. I own the Gili Roma 2 and I will say I get compliments on it every time I carry it. I got it as a TSV and it is wonderful. That being said, I will not pay the new and grossly over-inflated prices.

Are you talking about "the armadillo jacket" ? {#emotions_dlg.confused1}

I have no idea "what" the Q is doing...they drop the shipping rates (but raise the cost of the items), sometimes it's a huge jump. I've been looking at my purchases of the last year, and wanted to reorder Steel By Design earrings -- and, the price had jumped 30% ! I don't want/need them THAT much {#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

I have a hunch that GILI is being fased out, because it was so associated with LR (who is gone and won't be coming back). I'm sure the Q had all of the Spring, Summer, and perhaps the Fall GILI Items ordered (before LR left in December). Perhaps GILI items might be touted as "collectibles" (thus increasing the cost) by some of the Hosts, who typically over-embellish with their descriptions and opinions. Frankly, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a lawsuit against the Q, filed by the REAL Designers (GUCCI, et al.) for the GILI knockoffs that have been sold on Q.

I agree with your assessment of Jill Martin. For some odd reason, the Q is attempting to lend credence to the GILI line with their featuring of JM as "the spokesperson"; however, IMO, it backfired... and I hope she will not be a Regular Vendor on the GILI shows. {#emotions_dlg.unsure}

MEB, I agree with you whole heartedly about Jill Martin (not at all interested) and about the Q's incessant mis-steps, particularly where pricing and shipping are concerned... I couldn't care less at this point about GILI... Let's face it, the Q owned it but it was Lisa's brand and if they had any sense they'd run a fire sale on what they already have and then re-brand, if they want a higher end house brand... Personally, I am so over the Q I don't care what they do...

As for Gucci or whoever, the GILI bags aren't really knock-offs. If they tried to pass them off as Gucci bags, THEN Gucci would have a field day, but these bags (like so many others in the marketplace) are merely 'inspired' by some other brand's designs... Think about all the bags you see out there that are styled similarly to other high end brands... LV, Hermes Birkin and so on...

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Re: A254211 $699.00 Pathetic

On 3/27/2015 stevieb said:

They make wonderful teacher gifts...

LOL! I just choked on my diet coke!

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Re: A254211 $699.00 Pathetic

Perhaps many teachers would prefer a candle or mug....LOL
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