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12 Days Of Dooney is better in the retail stores

{#emotions_dlg.tt1} I love this 12 days of dooney. I just went to the Retail store in Westchester and they had colors and styles that sold out on the web hours ago. The retail stores also have their own promo with a limited edtion bag that's only $79. It a nylon tote in black. each store only has a limited supply. The girl in the store said that you have to go to the store to get the $79 bag. But that you can call to order the $99 bags if they still have them. Thanks dooney for making me a hero this Xams at these prices i'm doning all my shopping at Dooney!!!! If you can't get what you want ton the web try a store! here are their #

n CA

South Coast Plaza 714-641-5622

In Vegas



60 th ST. 212-223-7444

Westchester 914-390-2472

In Dallas