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MR jtb and I are having a discussion


how much water/split pea do you use 


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I use enough to cover the ham bone , in a soup pot . About 1 quart of water and 1 quart of chicken broth . You can add more if you like it thinner . 

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@jackthebear   Assuming you have a bag of peas of any color, there's more than likely a recipe on the bag. We have peas here too that dh wants to make pea soup with. We also bought a pkg of ham chucks but no bone.


To make this more flavorful, I'd do maybe 5-6 cups of water with chicken bouillion 4-6 cubes if they're the little ones (you can find bigger bouillion chicken or veggie). Personally 8cups of water seasoned or not is too much as I do like a thicker pea soup, plus I don't have a stockpot big enough for 8 cups of water/broth.

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Re: split pea soup?

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I usually get the Goya green split peas and use their recipe on the bag--6 cups of water.  I don't like the bullion cubes  as it comes out too salty.  It still is pretty thick. An extra cup of liquid wouldn't hurt.


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I make it vegetarian. One thing I know whatever yet recipe, after going in the refrigerator it gets very thick and I have to add liquids. 

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@jackthebear wrote:

MR jtb and I are having a discussion


how much water/split pea do you use 


@jackthebear Who is for thicker soup, who is for thinner soup?  I am a middle of the road kind of pea soup eater.  I don't like it thin like a vegetable soup would be with a lot of broth and a pea here or there, but neither do I want it gloppy thick.


Sometimes I make vegetarian soup--which to me is chicken broth and no ham!  Woman Embarassed  And I'm not keen on too many carrots in it either, if any! 

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I use my pressure cooker for soups--split pea is  a fave. and most legume soups do thicken up in the refer---thin or thick soups---all are my fave!!!

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Got this recipe off the internet.  Many thanks to the original poster.               Dare I confess I buy a spiral ham just for the bone?  The slices get gifted to friends and family.  with a little kept to add to the soup at the end.


6 cups water

16oz split peas

1 carrot in chunks

1 rib celery in chunks

Thyme, salt and pepper to taste ( I omit the Thyme and salt as the ham is salty)

1/2 cup half and half (optional)

1 spiral ham bone if desired


Pick over the peas looking for stones or debris.  Rinse.  Simmer the peas, carrot, celery , ham bone and seasonings for about 90 minutes.  Remove bone. add the cream at the end.

Note: I like this better without the cream. This is a thick pea soup.




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I use 5 cups of water for 1 1/2 cups of peas.