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Did you brown the beef?  Very important.  Then drain off most of the fat, add chopped onions and celery ' and carrots.  Just lightly sautee, then add broth.  Cool until meat is tender then add any vegetables you like in soup.

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@Luvsmyfam wrote:

everytime i try to make veggie bf soup,it never has any ingredients are beef pieces,potatoes,carrots,celery,onion,garlic salt broth is beef broth and can of stwed tomates from the garden.please,any suggestions?

@Luvsmyfam More salt, pepper, or a little hot sauce?  Ina Garten puts a tablespoon or two of vinegar in some soups and that sharpens and enhances the flavor.  Lemon juice might work.


Taste, modify, taste, modity. Maybe some green beans, corn and chopped bell pepper if you like it also might add to the flavor profile. Italian herb mix too. . . ! 

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Re: love me some soup......

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@Luvsmyfam: Maybe you need to add a little more seasoning. When I make soups or stews, I taste test the broth a couple of times while it simmers. Taste testing is key to letting you know if you need to add more flavor.


I have one other flavor enhancer for soup. Add a smoked neckbone to the broth/water, let it boil for approx. 45-60 minutes. Then add your vegetables, meat and seasonings. The meat on the bone becomes very tender. I shred the meat and add it to the pot. Just be sure to use a smoked neckbone. The smoky flavor kicks up the taste of the soup. Try it!

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My family loves vegetable soup, but in this house we have soup because we have leftover meat and vegetables in the fridge to use up.   I have never bought a piece of meat just to make a pot of soup.  


There is flavor in the cooked meat, the gravy, the days old seasoned vegetables, the spicy V8 juice, and whatever else I find in the fridge.   I dump leftover hot dog chili in the soup pot, leftover macaroni and cheese or macaroni and tomatoes, leftover rice-a-roni, fried potatoes, pretty much whatever I want to get rid of in the fridge goes into my soup pot, even the last dab of jelly or apple butter.   The soup is always flavorful, and is always eaten.

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I always add a bullion cube or poultry seasoning (even if cooking beef rather than chicken).  For me, I've found that just fresh onion and garlic isn't enough to flavor the soup so I add a little onion and garlic powder as well.

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Re: love me some soup......

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For beef veggie soup, add one or two cans of Ro-tel, mild. It will pick up the flavor big-time. It will not be spicy or hot, just super-flavorful. I made veg soup one time without it and it tasted blah. I also add a can of green beans (low carb), cabbage, and a small bag of mixed veggies for some color.

Your soup sounds more like a stew, so try adding an envelope of dry onion soup mix instead of the Ro-tel. Also, cut back on the salt since the soup mix is a bit salty. 
Am so happy it is soup weather now! Made a big pot of it yesterday and it is almost gone. I don't add potatoes since we are watching carbs so aI have subbed chunks of zucchini and it gives soup and tastes good. Sodium is an issue for us also so I never use canned beef broth or boullion; they are loaded with salt. I buy no salt added petite diced tomatoes and add two cans and then water. With those and the Ro-tel, I have a rich broth but it is tomato-based and not salty. I add ground beef to my veggie soup sometimes, but I prefer it with only veggies. As many fresh as possible, like onions, peppers, and celery, but love to add frozen limas also. That is the great thing about can add or subtract anything you like. 
Some frozen brands make a soup mix and it has cut okra in it also. My SIL makes a roux before making her veg soup. Don't have the details, but it is fabulous.