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Re: just got my new instant pot

@Kachina624 wrote:

I just got the IP, although I've been using a pressure cooker for over 50 years.  I thumbed through the recipe book and pitched it.  Its a bunch of recipes by chefs calling for exotic ingredients.  I need recipes using things I have on hand.  You can use any PC recipe, and there are thousands online.


I pitched it too!  What a waste of a booklet!



Check out Blue Jean Chef (.com)  Meredith has a LOT of IP recipes.  Pressure cooking is one of her specialties.


She has several books out already.  I purchased one for pressuring cooking from Amazon to my Kindle for only 99 cents.  I have made a LOT of her recipes.


Meredith has a new cookbook coming out soon for easy meals in ANY vessel or method.  The book lists directions for one pot, stove, oven, IP, air fryer etc...or so the promo email said.


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Re: just got my new instant pot

I've had mine for a few weeks.  I google recipes.  The first thing I made was beef stroganoff, it was great!  Next was spaghetti with meat sauce.  It was good.  Today I have a pork roast in for pulled pork.  Next week I plan on stuffed peppers.


That beef stroganoff was so good.  I'll be making it again soon.

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Re: just got my new instant pot

@wagirl Make the Mexican Beef recipe from It's easy and soooo good. I've also made it with pork. Shred the meat to put in tacos, enchiladas, to top salad - anything! 


One tip: If the IP seems to be leaking steam when it's coming up to pressure, push the lid down until it creates a seal. 


I make mushroom risotto using Hip Pressure Cooking's technique, and it tastes as good as when I make it on the stove. I also won't make potato salad without my IP. It might be from Pressure Cooking Today, but you peel the potatoes, cut them into 1 1/2" or so pieces, put them in a steamer basket with a cup of water underneath it, then nestle four eggs in the potatoes. Everything cooks in only a few minutes. Now I don't need a separate pot for the eggs, the potatoes, and a colander. 


In the fall, I'll start making a soup by slicing kielbasa, browning it on the Saute setting, add some onions and sweat, then add chicken broth, carrots, potatoes, herbs, cook for 6 min. on high, then stir in some kale until wilted. Easy! You'll love the IP for quick soups. You can just throw in whatever you want. I also make Japanese chicken curry that cooks in 6 min. 


Enjoy your IP! 

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Re: just got my new instant pot

pink--o my gosh---I am just drooling reading about the things you suggested. I will go to that website and check it out. I have been using a pressure cooker since I was in 5th grade--my mom went back to work and taught me---it was the old Presto one with the jiggly thing on it top ----then got one from the Q about 15+- years ago and have been using it ever since. but this one has morebells and whistles that I think I will use. I made risotto in the pc, to, and it is just as good as the stove top kind!!! I use to cook meals for my db and his wife and used the pc all the time. thanks!!!!