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Normally we cook out on the 4th but it's so darn hot. Next weekend will be in the 70's so I thinks we'll do burgers & brats next Sunday.

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@PA Mom-mom consider whether you need to cut corn off cobb for your inlaws.  i had not realized parent with dentures would not be able to enjoy corn on the cobb.  love fresh corn.

@mizree Up until now, they have been able to typewriter the corn with the best of them. They are both farm raised. Actually, I don't think either of them have dentures. But, thanks for the heads-up. I'll have a sharp knife at the ready.

@mizree  Update on the In-Laws. Well, they plowed through burgers and corn like champs! No need for a sharp knife.They were so happy to have GOOD fresh corn. Amazing!

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@PA Mom-mom they are blessed to be able to enjoy foods they like.  Thanks for the update.