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Re: does your local newspaper

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The big metro Atlanta newspaper carries a reasonable amount of food and recipe info, but  much of it comes from and is credited to the Washington Post (the Wash DC metro newspaper, which has a good food editorial staff)  


I think some is sourced from the New York Times, too, but I need to pay more attention to my newspaper to make sure that is true.


Food is covered in original reporting by the Atlanta-area newspaper mainly when it pertains  to critiquing specific  restaurants.  This area is supposedly one of the most-eating-out places on the planet. 


And since moving here from the DC area, I might have to agree.  The restaurants here are busy all the time, and we have a bazillion choices of places to go when you're hungry.

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Re: does your local newspaper

I wouldn't know, I haven't read a local paper in more years than I can count.  There's just no point to it now.  

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Re: does your local newspaper

My husband buys the local newspaper daily, it's a thing with him and yes there are recipes. I have cut a few out of the paper a few times, but I seldom make the recipe.