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Maybe you could catch a class at Michael's  (craft store) during their next cycle.  I took a class there once for free (I had to buy supplies). It ended up being one-on-one tutoring.  It was a lot of fun!  


I know they offer Wilton cake decorating classes for all levels.

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There are many demos on you tube with great directions .

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thanks for all your replys


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Re: crisco frosting roses

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@ladyboutwell wrote:

thanks i guess one of my problems is i dont really know how to make the icing


@ladyboutwell , Michael's carries Wllton decorating icing. Try that. 


I hope you have a Michael's store near you. I think you could get all the supplies and help you need there. Have fun as you learn!

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If you want to be consistent and successful, purchase professional grade confectioner's surgar without that bit of corn starch in it.  Also, the same hold true for the high ratio shortening to use, instead of crisco.