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On 4/29/2015 CLEM said:

LoLa, this sounds really great. I have been debating if I should buy a spiralizer. Friends of mine actually have spiralizing parties. Just don't know if I want another gadget around. The one from BBB has a lot of negative reviews as to some others that are not too costly. The original one is too expensive to use just 2-3 times/year. Will have to think about it some more and perhaps attend one of these parties. But the recipe sounds delicious.


I bought the Veggetti from BBB. It is a small enuf gadget to hide! Yes, you do the cranking by hand, not a handle. However, I thought it was pretty easy and have used it about 5x now.

The only tricky part is getting the little veg remnants out of the little blades when you clean it! Those teeth are sharp! LOL

But for the price, it was a good purchase, IMHO. I couldn't justify the cost of the big one...yet...

I would want to be sure I would spiralize first before investing. The Veggetti seems to suit my needs pretty good. Thick and thin is really all I need, not extra blades.

Just made cuke/zucc Asian salad w/ a PNBtr sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds etc. It was delicious!

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K301342 is sold at QVC, and makes the noodles, plus with the flip of a switch it makes ribbons. This is the perfect size, not to large, and my review is at the product site. Lola, your shrimp dish looks wonderful just as all your recipies.
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I made this dish for dinner tonight, after having purchased the Spiralife from Amazon, but wondered if my husband would eat anything but the shrimp, as he hates vegetables. Well, he cleaned his plate, as the saying goes!

My daughter is purchasing a Spiralife tomorrow and I plan to further study the e-recipes that came with the unit and may purchase a zoodle book.

It is so wonderful to see my husband eating vegetables. Note only that, we just received a wedding invitation we cannot refuse and I must lose a little weight. I believe zoodles will be part of my plan to lose that weight.

Thanks once again. ~Rebecca

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Sfnative.. That is wonderful!! I never thought my kids would go for this but they love anything that I can turn into zoodles. Thank you for letting me know. :-)