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My stomach hates grease too.........I learned not to frog around with cheaper cuts of meat  (stew chunks)....long cooking time......cut fat off, etc.   I'm worth a good piece of meat if spending time cooking.

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I cannot eat any homemade soup or stew unless it is made a day ahead and refrigerated to remove the solidified layer of fat.  I remember when I was a kid the refrigerators were not as big as they are now.  My mother would make soups or stew on the coldest or snowiest days because she did not have room to put it in refrigerator to get cold.  When she finished she put the entire 8-10qt. covered pan outside on the porch to get cooled down very fast for dinner and covered it with one of those felt backed plastic tablecloths & big clean rocks she kept just for that purpose so no animals could get in it (although I don't think many animals were roaming around in 20°  Then when dinner time came around she took the pan in, removed the solidified coating of fat, and we had dinner.  Those were the days...

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@ECBG It just looks like beef stew of some sort.