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Re: Vitamix-Jan Mueller recipes

I'm looking for Jan's cheddar potato soup vitamix recipe and the horseradish dip recipe.....I cannot find these recipes ANYWHERE on QVC despite him saying, just now, they're all on QVC here......?????  Couldn't find on google search either. Very frustrating, I'd love a comprehensive section for his recipes, it shouldn't be this hard to find stuff here. It's the TSV too (11/17/19).


Many thanks for the assistance here. 💜 

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Re: Vitamix-Jan Mueller recipes

Good morning @Mulberry   Type in K49715 and just below the description there are two tiny tabs one labeled recipes, and one labeled manual.  


Click on the Recipes tab and you will find about 45 pages listed, one per page, including the horseradish one.  I think the potato soup recipe is also there, but I just scrolled through quickly.  


It seems to have just about all the recipes he used in his demos yesterday from midnight on.  I know because I watched most of them and purchased this 7500 model, even though I already have a different model of Vitamix from the Q.


I bookmarked them since I don't have a printer.