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Tried the Italian Dunkers Appetizers.....

I tried the Italian dunkers this weekend for my church party. I first tried them with homemade pie crust because my store didn't have the flat ones.... anyway, that didn't work very well, it just crumbled, so I bought the cheap pizza crust mix in the packet...made my dough, then wrapped each one in dough. They were very cute, but they puffed up to be pretty big. What I ended up doing was cutting each one in fourths and if it needed more meatball swirled in sauce, then I added some on top, and stuck a toothpick in to hold it together. I decided they needed more cheese, so I sprinkled some on top and stuck them back in the oven just long enough to melt it . These were very good, tasted like a meatball Sub....everyone loved them. Oh.....I did simmer my meatballs in the sauce first. Thanks Su-B