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Re: Tips for using different types of onions....from Southern Living 1988 cookbook

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Don't really know the answer to the red vs. purple question and hope someone else can help.  I always tend to buy sweet yellow onions or Vidalias or green onions, so my experience is rather limited.  When raw slices of  red/purple onion appear on a salad that I've ordered in a restaurant, I usually set them aside  

That is probably just a habit, however, and  I might enjoy some red or purple onion in my salad now more than I used to.


Good story about the fellow who needed his own bowl of dip......and it brought back memories of snacks my mother fixed when my dad had friends over for  a poker game.

Oh thanks @novamc1, I am thinking that red/purple onions may be the same thing (my onion list is identical to yours!).


I happen to love red onions but your comment made me laugh out loud.  Scott Connant on the Food Network is known for hating red onions so whenever he is one of the judges on Chopped people know to steer clear of them (but apparently if you soak them in water for a bit it tones down the flavor but he still makes faces at them).