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Tips for cooking with yogurt....

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While cleaning out my stash of cookbooks in preparation for a move, I came across some useful info in a 1988 Southern Living Annual Cookbook.  (I don't care for yogurt but I know many do, especially those who are tempted to substitute it for sour cream in a recipe.)




Cooking with yogurt is different from cooking with sour cream, but these hints will help:


--To add yogurt to hot foods, make sure it is at room temperature.  Blend a little of the hot food into the yogurt first to prevent curdling.


--For baking, it should be at room temperature.  Generally, you will need only 1/2 teaspoon baking soda per cup of yogurt.


--When cooking, keep temperature low and heating time short to prevent separating.


--Combine yogurt with a small amount of cornstarch or flour before adding to other ingredients, to prevent separation.  (If yogurt does separate, it will not change the flavor, only the appearance.)


--Yogurt thins more than sour cream when cooked.


--Fold, rather than stir, yogurt into other ingredients.  Stirring tends to thin it.