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They are supposedly quite sweet.  I'd snack on them like candy  Use run-of-the-mill cherry or grape tomatoes for recipes.

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Re: Tiny Tomatoes!

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Probably Tiny Tim or Cherry Cocktail variety.  I ate a lot of tiny tomatoes whole last summer provided by a local organic farm.  They are so sweet, like candy and they rarely made it into a salad!



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@Desertdi wrote:

They call them "grape" tomatoes around here.....been buying them for years........

Cherry tomatoes , grape tomatoes are shaped like grapes.

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Re: Tiny Tomatoes!

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@Pook  there is no way these can be cut in half; they are just that small.  @Desertdi  I buy grape and cherry tomatoes all the time but these are the size of a small pearl.  I have very small hands too.  I just recently started shopping at Trader Joe's so maybe Trader Joe's diehards have seen these!  If you look closely at the 1st pic, it states "Worlds smallest tomato".  Thanks to all for some fabulous recipe suggestions!  

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Re: Tiny Tomatoes!

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I grew these last year, they were called Teaspoon Tomatoes.  About the size of a currant berry.  Very cute, but sadly the ones I grew had no flavor.


ETA:  I looked up their website, they have a few recipes listed there Cat Happy

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Every grocer has a version of these little tomatoes.  I have been buying them for years because you can just take a handful and throw in a salad without having to do any chopping. I eat them every day. 

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I'm not a fan of cooked cherry (tiny) tomatoes. I like them in a pasta salad with mini penne pasta, frozen peas, the tomatoes, green onion - whatever you have...and a favorite dressing. Or just in a green salad. I think they have the best flavor at room temperature.

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They look like "Currant" tomatoes to me.  I've grown them a few times from catalogue seeds but have never seen them in the stores.  they are about the size of your little fingernail but pack a Lot of flavour!

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I've used them in salads and I just like to eat them like candy.  I usually grow a couple of cherry tomato plants in the summer.  @BornToShop