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Good Morning Friends! ☕️🎄


Happy Tuesday!  And, very happy it is for cookie!  Have a wonderful time with DS and his SO.  Time for fun!  I laughed at your description about annoying ads especially on TV.  No kidding....too many for medicine....bring back the Charmin guy, toothpaste commercials...something to pay attention wonder people are popping so many pills with all the drug commercials!  

Weather not so good here today...good day to stay in and make my lists of what to do/buy/start writing a few cards, etc.  Get myself organized..clock is ticking!  Have a good shopping day, Tootie.


kittyfan, have a good day there too...busy with your brother, pups, appointments, etc.


Bye for now......


J .... Jasmine Rice


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Hello friends ... I got my grocery shopping done early, brought home and put away and then I was going to go Christmas shopping ... but I just didn't feel like going back out so I stayed home! ... I'm sure I'll regret that decision because I still have a few gifts to finish up!


It's damp and dreary here now ... we're having a rain/snow mix.


Have a good night ... see you later.


K ~ Kris Kringle Cookies


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Good Evening Friends....🤗.....


Tootie, I can really understand coming in from shopping and not wanting to go out again.  I need to keep on going or it doesn't happen!  Kind of like the horse returning to the barn....done...don't move me!  Ha!


I had an inside day which was nice.  I did get out for a walk.  I haven't been out for over a week so neighbors may think I died...😆.


I made my lists for things to do...made a  few online purchases...moving along on gifts.  Shopping not joyful anymore...  LOL!  Just a mission....get it done! 🤣


See you all in morning!  Rest well tonight!  We need it!

cookie, can just see you smiling with DS there.  👋👋 to kittyfan too.  Night all.


L ... Love our Friendship!  or Lemon Juice


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Good evening.


Well I haven't been doing much besides PT and chores.  Last week saw a resident had passed.  Another one today.  Yes Gods waiting room for sure. While at lunch a lady was getting into her son's vehicle. Went down. EMS took her away. I didn't know her but had seen her around.  Lately the new residents have been fellas. Well last night I was sitting with a lady I enjoy.  In walks chatty Charles. Of my. I have had the unfortunate pleasure three times. I had as much as I could take and excused myself.  Today at lunch I told her I couldn't take anymore. She thought that was the case. HE was across the dining room and you could hear him talking and talking.

Unfortunately there is another who has an endless loop of repeat stories. It was stereo.


Brother called to see if I would like Chinese. Yes indeed. When he arrived he said he forgot he had a meeting. Dashed off to take care of things.  He had planned to do a few things like install a light and  a few minor things. I look around and see how much he did to make ready before I arrived. Curtains hung and even the bed was made. Refrigerator and pantry stocked.


I understand about not going back out. I was that way too. When I worked I didn't want to go back out. Now that I don't work I try to schedule my tasks.


Cookie:  I know you are enjoying your guests. 


Walker:  agree joy isn't there when it is a chore.


I was watching the news about the flooding in Washington state.  Had relatives in that area. Beautiful area but flooding can be so damaging.


Brother has a procedure tomorrow.  Thursday will take me for same thing. I told him to let me know what to expect!!!  Then Friday will go to Drs apt with me.  He is an eye witness to adverse medication side effects. Dr wants me to take meds. I am not wanting to go this route. I know I was a real "bear" although he doesn't claim to recall that effect!!!  But it has been years ago. He does remember other side effects I experienced. 


Closing down the kitchen


Coffee pot ready


M:  meatballs. That seems to appear on our menu at least weekly or more


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Good morning ~


DS and SO aren't arriving until the 7th.  I don't now why I thought it was the 5th.  Oh well, we will soon find out who got or gave out the wrong date. 


Tootie, I agree with you - don't like to go back shopping after I got home the first time. Time for UB's not more traipsing around.  Shopping never ends.  I copped out and am giving (or in tall GS's - we are trading them😄)  Family is so hard to shop for.  GS and GD always appreciate and expect a AAA card renewal.  Happy and easy.  I haven't felt up to getting out anyway - still sore. As walker👑 said, shopping isn't joyful anymore - just a mission.  


Oh no kittyfan - a Chatting Charles and another one in stereo too!😮Glad you were able to excuse yourself and get away.  Your brother never ceases to amaze!  What a great guy!!!


Rubber stamp time - now news around here.  Staying resting on the bed is getting old but exercises on the bed help.  Slowly getting better. 


Hi to walker 👑 🌼 


Passing the coffee ~


N - New Orleans Beignet   YUM!!!

O next

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Good morning friends ... cookie, now you have another day to do your PT while waiting for your DS to arrive! 😁


kittyfan, yikes! another Chatty resident?! glad you were able to get away as one can only take so much ... good luck with your doctor visit on Friday ... sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves (unless it's a dire situation) and make our own decision about medication ... I've had some bad side effects to some meds and it's not fun! ... good luck!


walker, you're right about shopping being a "mission" now ... ugh!! I never been "gung-ho" about shopping and at Christmas time it's worse ... glad that you were able to get some of yours click, click done 😉😂 ... (that kind of shopping I don't mind)


It's kids day here ... all day yesterday I was thinking it was Wednesday (but how could it have been, we would have had the kids?) 😵🤪


Have a good day ... it's going to be a cold one here, our high is only 35 ... pouring and passing ... oh cookie! those beignets sound delicious! fried dough with powdered sugar?? yum!!


O ~ Oh cookie, those beignets sound delicious! fried dough with powdered sugar?? yum!! or Onions






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Good Morning Friends!  ☕️🎄


Happy Wednesday!  Hope you have a good one!


cookie, you aren't alone with having day/dates mixed up...happens to all of more day now!  That visit will really perk you up!  

kittyfan, glad your nice lunch partner understood why you excused yourself.  Wonder if Chatty Charles has a sister named Chatty Cathy..😆.  Hope you are able to avoid him when dining.   Listening to him would give me indigestion.

Good luck with procedure and doctor appointment this week.


Have a fun day with LG and LS, Tootie. Do they play Elf on the Shelf at home?  My grandkids all did....was fun in beginning until parents would forget to move him at night.

DD would be in bed and remember.....😖....GET UP...go move Elf...or make hubby do it.  Funny!  

Time to get going....🤔what to have for breakfast?..


P .... Pancakes....or...


Q .... QUICHE...👍...or


R ....Reality...Cheerios...😂


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Hello friends ... I'm tired ... LG/LS were full of energy today!! must be the Christmas season ...  walker, they do play Elf on the Shelf, their elf's name is Snowy.


Hope everyone has a good night ... see you in the morning ... off to take a long UB!! 😁


S ~ Sausage? ... adding to your breakfast menu


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Good morning ~


Tootie, sounds like LG and LS enjoyed their visit. Must have tired you out - glad you got in a long UB.   I have never heard of the Elf game. Kids nor G'kids were not into him.  We still were in the "old fashioned" stuff I guess.


walker, good thing your DD remembered to move the Elf that parents forgot😂😂 Iam learning more about the Elf.  A cute Christmas tradition for kids.


kittyfan hope you got to eat a meal without Chatting Charles and his "sister" in crime - Chatty Cathy.   Hope your procedure at the doctor went well.  You are such a lucky lady to have a terrific brother to go with you for advice on meds.  


Looking forward to DS and SO.  Still feeling some pain but exercise do helpl  I hope this goes away- far away!😫


Passing the coffee ~


T - Tacos 

U next

There is no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do.
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Good morning friends ... cookie, today's the day!! have a great time with DS/SO ...


kittyfan, hope you are doing well after your procedure.


 Shout out to walker ... 👋


I have no new news this morning ... we got heavy, wet snow overnight ... only a couple of inches, but yuck!! I shouldn't really complain because it could be a lot worse!


Have a good day ... pouring and passing ... hmmm, the U? and you know I have to take the V ...


U ~ UB ... enjoy them (as many as you want) with a big bowl of ...