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Good morning friends ... cookie, enjoy your manicure and good luck with picking out your glasses ... wow, you have some tall boys!!


kittyfan, I hope they take your garbage today ... our town picks up our garbage/recycling everyweek (recycling every other) ... of course paid through our taxes ... they do a really good job.


Shout out to walker ...


Have a good day ... pouring and passing ... more snow today with a high of 33 ... cookie, I'll be looking for your warmer weather ... oh those kitchen utensils ... it seems to be an bottomless drawer full of them!!


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Good Morning Friends!  ☕️☃️ 

Happy Friday!  More snow coming our way.  Hey, we are closer to February...then March and then 🌷🌼🌺! 😊


We have good garbage service here too....weekly both garbage and recycle...but my personal garbage guy is getting slower on the job!!! May have to fire him.  Yesterday DH was late putting it out and missed the recycle guy...🙄😠.  

Running behind here this morning and nothing new so will "run" along.  cookie, good luck picking glasses out...maybe something with lots of bling? 😂 Let us know.


Bye for now.....👋👋 to Tootie and kittyfan.


M ..... Money for groceries!!!  or just drink...MIMOSAS! 😆


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Hi there......snowy off and on today...not too bad...thank heavens as I had to go pick GS from school.  I am usually a wimp in snow but had to be a big girl...haha.  Actually, I found out the main roads had been salted and were just wet.  The side streets were bad.  More to come this weekend.  


Did you get your glasses, cookie? 👁👁


All for now.....


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Hello friends ... walker, it sounds like we had/are having the same kind of weather ... snow most of the day and more over the weekend ... but I didn't have to go out ... glad you made it ok to pick up your GS.


I'm wondering about cookies glasses too ... any luck??


Have a good night ... see you tomorrow.


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Oh driving in snow. I know you have to do it but no thanks.

It was chilly and windy here. My trash did get picked up. I have tge bill in my email.

Need to do some outside tasks. Hoping to.morrow will be better.

Coffee pot ready.

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Good morning ~


I never did get to the glasses shop There was a doublewide stairway of about 10 stairs up to the next  shops, which I was not ready to tackle.  As I drove by, I saw a sign in the window "Closed for..."  couldn't see all of it.  The parking area in front was full and  there was no parking close enough for me to walk.  Will try the larger places next week.  


kittyfan, glad you got your trash cans picked up and they didn't blow away during the wind.  We didn't have wind, just a breeze enough to make the outside plant leave rustle.  


walker you are a big girl and brave to go out in the snow to pick up GS.  I would be terrified!  Do you need a Snow Crown?🤣🤣 


Shout out to Tootie ~ ✨📢🌻


Passing the coffee ~


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Good morning friends ... cookie, sorry you weren't able to get your glasses ... but you got your manicure so at least it wasn't a wasted trip ...


Shout out to kittyfan and walker ... 👋👋


We'll have another blustery day ... it's 35 now and our high for today is 33?? ... so I guess the temps will drop and it is going to be a cold Saturday ... ⛄


No big plans here today but DH has been chugging along with his office and we have got a lot cleaned out and shredded ... I've been a big saver of the kids "art work" and papers (not all, thank goodness!) from their younger years at school ... I can't just throw them out so (my plan is) I am going to choose ones that I really like and take pictures on my tablet and save them there! I haven't looked at these papers in many, many years and probably never will but I knew they were there ... next dilemma ~ will I be able to choose just a few?? 😥 not sure I want to tackle this just yet ... maybe I'll just put the box back 🤔🤷‍♀️


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


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Good Morning Friends!  ☕️☃️


Happy Saturday to all!  Starting with a chuckle reading about your "dilemma" Tootie.....sort, pick or just "put the box back"...😂.  Good Luck!  Maybe take what you like and give your kids the rest....they'll get rid of it quick!!🤣

Seriously, I remember the days of having artwork, etc, on the refrigerator and hanging elsewhere in kitchen...any available door...haha.  I guess moving a few times helped me get rid of things.


cookie, too bad you can't order glasses online.  But, maybe you'll have better luck next week.


TX grapefruit day here....picked up a couple this week...hopefully, good as ever...🤞.  

kittyfan, glad your garbage service did not let you down...I love garbage day....haha....take it away!  

Inside day for me as we may get up to 6" of snow.

Our temps will be in 20's...colder next week...winter is here!


Stay warm....stay well....see you later.  By the way, good Q, cookie.  😆


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

[ Edited ]

I had to pop on here again to say the grapefruit did not disappoint!!!  Yum!  Sweet!  


T .... Texas Grapefruit...👍👍


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Oh yum. Our special grapefruits. Enjoy.

Gloomy rainy day here. At least no snow.

Coffee pot ready

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