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Good Morning Friends!  ☀️🇺🇸


Quick hello before Tootie arrives....waiting on my paper and Tootie might be shopping.


cookie, I have fond memories of going to a farmer's market every Saturday with my parents.  It was fun.  They shopped for fresh veggies, fruit, etc.  I would walk around buying bunches of gladiolas (remember those?).  Our living room looked like a funeral parlor.  haha


Going to go over to DD's this afternoon for a few hours and stay with GS and GD....have not seen them ...especially GS for awhile.  DD and SIL are going to a friend's house for a "Polar Plunge" for Special Olympics..🥶!


Better move along....see you later...Happy Sunday!  😷 I think we should wear them for awhile yet too, cookie.  I just bought a few cute ones for a friend's upcoming birthday.   One says "Happy Birthday to Me"...ha!

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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning friends ... yes, I went shopping and then wanted to get my seat at Church ... done and done!!


Oh cookie, sorry you can't get out to go to the Farmers Markets but you get to enjoy the goodies!! ... love the Bat Mask ... we now have a "SuperHero" in our group ...


walker, I'm laughing at your gladiolas comment about a funeral parlor ... so true ... enjoy your visit with the grandkids ... we have that Polar Plunge around here too, but I have never known anyone that ever did it ... I can't even imagine doing that ... but, Kudos to your DD/SIL, it's going to a good cause ... the Birthday mask sounds cute ... I plan I wearing one for a while too ... and they have so many different designs out now.


We're having a sunny but chilly 29 degree day ... Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


I ~ Ice Cubes ... which is what I think walkers DD/SIL will turn into today ...




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Hi....laughing at your I, Tootie!  Could be!   Plans had slight change for me.  GD was not a friend's for afternoon.  GS was home but wanted to play basketball at rec center with friends for an hour.  So, I dropped him off and about to go back to meet him soon. sure growing up....GS texting me what he is doing..going where.....he is very responsible!  Hope that lasts!


Bye for now....better go back to DD's house....came home until GS is done with BBall.


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Good afternoon lost track of days!!!! Friday ventured out gor a hair cut. Traffic was terrible. Stopped for gas. Didn't put gas cap back on. Nice lady honked and told me. I pulled over yo fix.

Today we resumed one service. They opened up another area.

Then it was to Cafe. Ordered take up from my sweet Kristen. Waited and finally called back. She didn't spot me waiting. I always pick same spot!! Had a delicious omelet and slice of lemon pie. Yum. She chatted a bit and told me out catering a wedding. Always a treat to see her.

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Hello ... good to see you kittyfan and glad you were able to get some good food from the Cafe ...


walker, how did the Plunge go?? ... sorry you didn't get a chance to see your GD or visit too long with your GS ... I guess they are at that age where they want to do their own thing (and still let you know where/what he was doing 👍)


Have a good night ... see you tomorrow.


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Good morning ~  Nice to see you kittyfan and a haircut entitles you to be part of the Bouncy Bobbsey girls - now triplets instead of twins 😂 I think we all suffer from what day it is!  walker has given the days new names - perfect!


Tootie, I have seen the Birthday masks - DD has one too.  They are cute and I would get one, but have way too many masks already - unless I see a really cute one of course!


walker, enjoy the G'kids whlle you can - they have their own agenda and lucky you needed to know just what they are doing 😊 The plunge?


We will have another warm - 73 - today.  Enjoying them - Spring is getting closer!!  Getting ready to leave for the Lab - they open at 7AM.  Then coming back to BAC (Breakfast at Cookie's) Nothing as good as BAT of course, just my cheerios w/peanut butter. 


Passing the coffee ~


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Good morning friends ... cookie, enjoy your BAC when you get home ... since you haven't been out in a while, maybe you'll get to do a little sightseeing on the way to the lab (but not too much if you are driving  😁) ... it sounds like you have a pretty nice day coming up ...


We'll have a 45 degree day ... Spring is getting closer!! we're supposed to hit 63 on Wednesday...


Have a good day ... pouring and passing.


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Good Morning Friends!  ☀️😎🇺🇸



It is a beautiful morning and temperature is suppose to hit 60! 🤞 Yes, Spring is knocking on the door....letting in soon...12 days to go! 🌷 Before that we have to change our clocks...forward on Sunday morning! 🕰🥴 (Having fun with emojis today..🤣)


kittyfan, now we have three bouncing friends with new haircuts!  The BBG team...haha, cookie.  Glad you saw your favorite Kristen at Cafe and enjoyed a yummy meal.


Tootie, the Polar Plunge yesterday was more of a Polar Splash.  Due to Covid, of course, they had restrictions on usual large gathering with plunge.  Each group did their own thing.  DD's group did buckets of ice water.  It was fun but DD was one of last to go and they decided to get hoses out so she got sprayed too.  She was happy to do it for such a good cause.  Her good friend has a child with Down's Syndrome.  Special Olympics is such an important program for those children and adults.  DD's group was the third highest fundraiser in Chicago!!  Pretty good since the first two were corporations.


cookie, hope you are "in and out" with lab work and home for a good BAC...pretty funny....nothing as good as our famous BAT's though!  😁👍


Speaking of breakfast...time for mine....then I am dragging DH out for furniture shopping...ha!  After a year of quarantine and winter hibernation, I've had enough of some family room furniture....out with old and in with something new!!  We'll see....what DH does not realize is a couch and chair lead to tables, lamps, etc...😂!  Wish me luck....just getting him to agree to shop is first major step!!


See you later!  Happy Monday!  Stay well...😷.


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Hello ... walker, Congratulations to your DD and her team ... that's quite an accomplishment ... how did the furniture shopping go? I hope you were able to get your DH to go out ...


I hope everyone is having a good day ... our sunny weather is giving me the itch to get our patio things and grill out ... (just a little while longer ...)


See you later ...


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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WHEW....I need a UB!!  Mentally exhausted from shopping.  It went better than I expected with DH.  We found a couch and chair right away that we liked but picking out fabric was a whole other issue!!  Hard!!!!  I worry about making decision....will I like it???  Oh well...done deal now!  We picked out couch and fabric pretty quick...fabric quite neutral with little color in it...will go with anything.  Then the chair I wanted in different color....found a plain blue/grey I was afraid might be boring but very nice.  Kept trying patterned fabrics and we couldn't agree.  Then I found a fabric with color and design....DH thought was I said ...WRITE IT UP!!!!  We also get two pillows included and I picked chair fabric for those also.  All made in USA which pleased us both but delivery will be 18-20 weeks!!!  Oh well....patience!  They will also haul away our old furniture....take to our church or another local donation site.  That's a plus too.  I have to quit over-thinking this!  Done!


I know what you mean about getting itch to get patio ready and grill too, Tootie!!  Me too!  Which reminds me...we need a new grill....ha...not going to bring that up to DH yet.  He can only handle so much shopping/spending $$ at a time...🤣.  I'll wait for him to start grilling and notice.


Beautiful afternoon....time for a walk.  See you later.  I like sweet pickles too....but dill for certain things like dill chip on hamburger.


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AGAIN!!???? ☝️😡 I must be too slow to finish message and then it goes wacko!!