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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Good morning friends ... yum cookie! you got to have some Ribeyes on the grill (lucky you) ... I can smell them now ... enjoy your 68 degree day ...


MissMadi ... I won't be watching the game today either ... I just can't, I get too nervous ... but I'll probably be in and out of the room periodically ... hahaha!! ... NY is doing COVID in phases (not sure if the other states are too) but my phase is not up yet ... and even if it was we are having a shortage of vaccines, they've even cancelled a lot of appointments for them ...


walker, you got us with the Q ... good one!! Woman Very Happy


Hi to kittyfan ...


We'll have a 25 degree day ... Have a good day and enjoy watching the game(s) ladies ... pouring and passing.


Our regular Mass we watch is having "technical" difficulties so we'll have to find another to watch ... I wonder if I'll get my seat?? hahaha!!


See you later ...


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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸😷



Happy Sunday!  Waiting on paper to come so I can catch up on old news...haha.  Time for coffee with friends! were right....snoozing away here when you wrote!  I do not like boxing at all....or wrestling which DH likes.  I guess those are sports I just do not understand...don't want to understand either...LOL!


Football will be on today.  My local weather guy must be from NY.  This morning he said to stay home and watch Bills beat Chiefs..ha!


Hope kittyfan is feeling ok.


cookie, you deserved that rib-eye dinner!  You do have a special SIL....Master Griller.


Vaccines are slowly rolling out here....we are registered to get it but I am in no hurry....still uncertain on it.  🥴


A friend of mine who winters in FL has a home in the city where that Mega ticket was sold.  She says she goes to that store every week when home...said maybe she knows winner or needs to get to know him/her!!! haha


Tootie, hope you find a Mass.  I am so used to my at home church now....will I go back???  Not yet anyway.


Paper here....bye for now.  Have a good day.


U .... UBs with football today!!!  😁 


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good afternoon


I am well. Been very gray and blah here. So affects my motivation. 



I did go to church. Headed out and found it to be foggy. Some vehicles nit driving with lights. 



 to church and found my preferred seating was occupied!!!  My back up spot also unavailable


Did stay for family Sunday school.  


Sleep seems evasive. I have been waking up each night about two or three. One night I was dreaming about the Cafe. They posted they hoped to reopen in February. I know they are watching covid numbers. I am looking forward to sitting in dining room. They closed that about Thanksgiving. Patio is nice but I enjoy being inside. 


V: Velveeta. I know lots of Velveeta used for queso for football game watching


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hi there.....nice to see you kittyfan...glad all is well except lack of sleep.  I had to laugh about your preferred seats at church being occupied.  The nerve of some people! 😂

And, I am ready for inside dining too.  I told DH when ours open up, we will go for an early dinner at a favorite spot...get in and out before others.  Never thought I would miss going out to eat so much.  


Football is on ....Tampa Bay ahead but not by much...almost halftime.  I did take a walk shortly after it started.  Gray day here but not bitterly cold.  I walk in street because I am afraid of icy spots on sidewalk.  I probably look like the Michelin Man's wife bundled up but who cares....I stay warm.


All for today......have good evening....good football..especially for Buffalo!. OH, WOW, another touchdown for Tom Brady..he is good!!!!  21-10 now. 
There are a lot of Green Bay fans in Chicago grabbing another beer now...ha...more Queso too!  UPDATE...Green Bay is roaring back.  I like these close games. Second update....not looking good for Bills....☹️..sorry!!!!  I will root for Tampa Bay in Super Bowl now.  

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Good morning ~  Yes, it is nice to see youkittyfan.  I can sure sympathize with you and your sleep patterns.  Part of being older I am sure.  Funny you mentioned your dream about the cafe opening.  I dreamt that they were and my BFF and I had to go and get their decorations ready???there were about10or20 pink quilts lining the walls and we were lost.  Strange dream.


Glad you are enjoying the games walker.  SIL had 3 of the TV's on (in case he missed something).  We were having our belated Christmas since I wasn't there and I got to open my Christmas gifts and see the G'kids for awhile.  Win win for me!!! Love them💖💖💖  


We will enjoy 72 today after some morning rain.  Oh boy more mud!!


Hi MissMadi and Tootie!


Passing the coffee ~


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Good morning friends ... well I guess we couldn't do it! but the way I look at it is someone has to win and the better team did!!  the Bills did come a very looooong way this season though ... maybe next year??!!


cookie, happy to hear that you got to celebrate Christmas with your family ... funny how you had a dream about the Cafe ... Woman Very Happy


kittyfan, sorry you are still having sleep issues ... that's so annoying and I hope you are able to get some sleep during the day ... I hope you were able to find a decent seat in church ... lately I don't have that issue, for some reason my couch is always empty!! hahaha ...  great "V" Woman Very Happy


walker, glad you got your walk in, bundled up and all, but like you said ... you stay warm! ... our restaurants are opened (with restrictions) until 10pm each night but I am not ready to go just yet ... I miss being able to hop in the car to go there and to stores (other than grocery stores) ... I know those other stores are opened but I am not ready to go into them either ... when I go grocery shopping I "fly" up and down the aisles, check out (using self scanner) and out I go!! ... I don't encounter any people ...


MissMadi ... hope you enjoyed your football games yesterday.


We'll have a 32 degree day ... BUT!!!! we have some sun right now!! ... Have a good day .. pouring and passing.


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Good Morning Friends!  🇺🇸😷



Happy Monday!  I guess it is for Tampa and Kansas City! 
Sorry about Buffalo, Tootie, but you are right that your team came a long way.  They have a young quarterback who did well and will continue to do so...hopefully!  One season at a time, eh?  Super Bowl should be a good one...two good teams/quarterbacks ....Brady is amazing!  Mahomes is good too.


We are suppose to have a big snowstorm move in this afternoon.  I hope I can get to my dermatologist appointment and back before roads are bad.  🤞


cookie, funny dream!!!  Happy you were able to enjoy a belated Christmas with family.  Not your best holiday time, eh?  One to glad you are home and improving...just get your leg better now.


Bye for now.....stay well!  👋👋 to kittyfan and MissMadi.


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Re: Thyme For Fun!

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Hello ... taking a quick UB before I start dinner. We had a nice sunny day and now we are under a storm watch all day tomorrow ... walker, I think we may be getting some of your snow. Were you able to get to your appointment before the snow hit??


See you later ... Hope everyone is having a good day.


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Hi there......I did make it to my appointment, Tootie.  I was so irritated when I got there as I was told my doctor was running 40-50 minutes late.  WHAT?  That really bothers me when I always try to be ON TIME!  I don't mind 5-10 minutes wait.  I almost left but decided....I'll I did for 30 minutes and I was called in. I was about to leave.  All I could think of was...good thing I have a mask on so they can't see the frown on my face!  And, the other thing was people were coming in one after the other....what happened to restrictions on numbers???  Oh well...I got called...I passed my check-up and left!  Good for another 6 months.  I have to go more often because I guess I am in the "high-risk" skin cancer group.  

Big snow moving in...thankful it held off while I went out.

We are suppose to get 8-10"!  No plans for tomorrow so let it snow....let it snow.  Get ready Tootie!


Bye for now!


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Glad you got a good report walker, but I would be so ticked off too about the wait!! ... you don't mind waiting 15 minutes (like you said) but not 40-50 ... 30 was bad enough ... and to have a parade of people coming in?? not during this time ... I'm sure your anxiety level was pretty high ... not to mention BP .. Woman Very Happy ...


Wow!! you're expecting a lot of snow ... they're predicting 3-5 for us ... we'll see!


See you tomorrow ...


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